Junior: Week 5 Recap and Week 6 Preview

At this halfway point through the first quarter, students finished their first major paper, the Generation Essay. In preparation for completion, we talked about sentence fragments and run-ons, as well as approaches to concluding the essay in a meaningful way. Students were given two full class periods to continue drafting and begin revising, and we practice a submission to turnitin.com prior to our actual submission of the essay. Because the juniors have struggled to balance readers workshop with the other demands of their lives, we dedicated more in-class time to reading this week in order to work on fluency and to be reminded of what it feels like to be in the “reading zone.”

This week, we will begin our new unit on rhetoric that will lead to the study of The Crucible. Students will learn what rhetoric is in addition to key terminology for the unit.

Parents, how can you help?
• Juniors submit their first major essay on Monday of this week. Consider asking them how the writing process went. What improvements might they make in the future? What strategies worked for them this time?
• If you watch television with your child, ask him or her how their study of rhetoric applies to commercials. They should be able to explain the advertisers approach to persuading the audience.