Juniors: Week 4 Recap

Juniors in Room G17 made progress on their Generation Essays this week. We started the week by breaking down the rubric. Students worked in groups to create a checklist that they will use to check their work prior to submission. This task required that students understand the expectations outlined on the rubric prior to drafting their essays. I also modeled for students the process of planning their essay and composing a thesis statement. I showed students my interview notes from the interview I conducted with my grandmother, then I modeled the thinking required to move from notes to a thesis. Students were then given support as they constructed thesis statements. On Friday, students were given 45 minutes to begin the draft of their essay and conference with me about their progress and questions.

This week, we will continue making progress on essays with individual paragraph analysis for which students will compare their paragraph with a sample paragraph and a grammar lesson about properly punctuating sentences. We will also return to our work on perspective, reading texts from new perspectives. The final due date for the Generation Essay is Monday, September 21.

Parents, how can you help? Each week, I’ll provide some suggestions for staying involved in your child’s learning in Language Arts in ways that promote dialogue.

  • This week, ask your child to explain the way readers workshop works in Room G17. We’ve spent a lot of time reviewing procedures and grading policies. If your child is unable to explain or is confused about procedures, encourage him or her to reach out to me with questions.
  • Check in with your child about progress on his/her essay to prevent procrastination. The essay should be 2-3 pages, with an introduction, two body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Are they making adequate progress throughout the week so that the essay isn’t thrown together this weekend?