Week 3 Recap

Our word of the week was “perspective,” and students were prompted to consider this word as we studied various texts. Students began by defining perspective as “point-of-view” and “the individual way we see the world.” Students watched Dan Simon’s research through “The Invisible Gorilla” and “Seeing the World As It Isn’t”, analyzing Simon’s argument about perspective. We then read the challenging short story “Family Portrait,” and students grappled with determining Sherman Alexie’s complex theme.

Students began to plan for their Generation Essay with mini-lessons in interviewing and chunking an assignment. In the “chunking” mini-lesson, students learned how to break a major task into concrete steps before working backward from the due date to assign oneself due dates for each step. Students were instructed that I would not grade individual pieces of the essay: students are required to keep themselves accountable with their self-determined due dates.